The Artist 'Sane' Eria Solomon Nsubuga

Normalcy in Uganda

Home is Best

Lady in Waiting

Beauty of Simple Life

Brothers and Sisters

My Neighbourhood

Combination of mixed media and techniques

The fine artist Eria Solomon Nsubuga also known as 'Sane' in artist circles likes to see himself as a critical artist who reflects an image of his society in all spheres. Small things that many people ignore about life, those things that we sometimes take for granted are of interest to him. He likes to study people and their relationship with other people as well as the manmade and natural environment.

Eria was born 17th january 1979 in central Uganda. He went to lake Victoria primary school and King's College Buddo for his primary and secondary education respectively. He began his artist career in late 1999 while still in his undergraduate days.

In 2001 Eria graduated with a first class bachelor of industrial and fine arts degree at Makerere University's Margaret Trowel school of industrial and fine arts. He is currently in the final phases of a masters degree in the same institution.

Tulifanya Gallery in Kampala, Uganda not only discovered him but has also hosted him several times on solo as well as group exhibitions. He has exhibited his artwork in East Africa (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania) as well as Germany, Holland, U.K., Greece, Japan, and U.S.A.

Portrait of Enria Nsubuga, Visual Artist, Uganda

Agile Sailors

Boats and Birds

Boats In Sight

The Birds Will Drive

Sailing Home

New Beginnings

Putting the Act Together

Matoke Transporter 2

The Benefactor


Causing a Stir

Late October 2005 too 009


18th Nov 2005 Artfest Magazine Launch and Exhibition, Afriart Gallery, Kampala, Uganda (Group Show)
17th Nov 2005 Joint Winner, Gtz 30 Years in Uganda Art Competition, Gtz offices, Nakasero, Kampala
Nov – Dec 2005 East African Art Biennale, Dar Es-Salaam, Tanzania (Group Show)
29th Oct – 30th 2005 Budo Art Exhibition 1, King's College Budo, Wakiso, Uganda
Jul 2005 Group exhibition, Australia
May – July 2005 Exhibition of Three Ugandans, Le Rustique Restaurant, Nairobi, Kenya
5th – 25th Mar 2005   Solo Exhibition, Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
Mar 2005 Southern Graphics Printmakers' Exhibition Washington DC, USA (Group Show)
19th Feb – 4th Mar 2005 "Power In Print (Agali Awamu)" East African Printmakers' Exhibition, Afriart Gallery, Kampala, Uganda (Group Show)
11th Nov – 12th Dec 2004 "Emotions" Exhibition Of Visual Art, Poetry and Music, Alliance Francaise, Kampala, Uganda (Group Collaboration)
11th – 20th Nov 2004 "Art For Abato 2004" Annual Exhibition and Fundraiser for Orphans of Nsambya Babies Home, Afriart Gallery, Kampala, Uganda (Largest Assembly of Ugandan Visual Artists Ever)
17th – 26th Sep 2004 "Cet04 Tokyo Designers Block Central East" International Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan (Group Show)
26th Jul – 5th Sep 2004 "Nettetal" Barkcloth Exhibition, Hinsbeck, Germany (Group)
12th Aug – 29th Sep 2004 Athens Artiade 2004, Athens, Greece (Group Show)
29th Jun – 24th Jul 2004 "Acholi Story"- Pickings from the Northern Uganda War Situation, Alliance Francaise, Kampala, Uganda (3rd Solo)
26th Jun – 30th Aug 2004 Afrikanischer Sommer 2004; Enlaoe Promotion Association Art and Culture, Castle Way 9, Westerkappeln, Germany (Group)
22nd – 24th May 2004 Open Day of The Studio, Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus/Kebbelvilla, Schwandorf, Deutschland (Germany) (Duo Show)
28th Mar – 15th May 2004 Africart 2004, Berlin Mitte, Berlin, Germany (Group)
31st Jan 2004 The Breathing Bijlmer Festival, O-Nivo Restaurant, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Group)
4th – 12th Dec 2003 Olympic Art and Sport Contest 2004 Exhibition, National Museum, Kampala, Uganda (Group)
2nd – 21st Dec 2003 East African Biennale, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (Group)
5th – 14th Nov 2003 Woongroep Holland, Netherlands (Group-Index Mashariki)
1st – 30th Nov 2003 Equation Café, Aidchild, Kayabwe (Equator), Mpigi, Uganda (Duo Show)
25th Oct – 7th Dec 2003 Kunstsupermarkt IV, First Schinkel Straat, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group-Index Mashariki)
23rd Oct – 12th Nov 2003 "Artaffair 03", Ramoma Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya (Group)
26th Sep – 31st Oct 2003 Exhibition of Two Ugandans, Members of Index Mashiriki, Eria Nsubuga and Paulo Akiiki, Van Beek Art Supplies, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Duo Show)
22nd Sep – 11th Oct 2003 Printmakers' Exhibiton; An Art Exhibition of Woodcuts, Engravings and Monoprints, Nommo Gallery, Kampala, Uganda (Group)
20th Sep – 10th Oct 2003 Second Solo Exhibition, Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
13th Sep 2003 East African Residency Open Day, Godown Arts Centre, Nairobi, Kenya (Exhibition Of Two)
Apr – Jun 2003 Kunstsupermarkt 3, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group)
Oct 2002 Anti Corruption Mural, Under the Auspices of Uganda Debt Network, Kayabwe, Mpigi, Uganda (Group)
24th Sep – 15th Oct 2002 First Solo Exhibition, Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
2002 Text Messages, David Young Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (Group-Prints)
2002 Wildlife Exhibition, Uganda German Cultural Society, Kampala, Uganda (Group)
Apr 2002 Illustrations from Africa, Exposition at Ecole Francaise, Kampala, Uganda (Group)
Jan – Feb 2002 Discoveries 5: Young Artists' Show, Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala, Uganda (Group)
Jan 2001 Discoveries 4, Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala, Uganda (Group)
2001 Womens' World Exhibition, Makerere University Art Gallery, Kampala, Uganda (Group)
2000 Image Word Image Poetry Presentation, German Ambassador's Residence, Kololo, Kampala, Uganda (Group)
Nov 2000 3rd All Artists' Exhibition, Nommo Gallery, Kampala, Uganda (Group)
Jan 2000 Discoveries 3, Tulifanya Gallery, Kampala, Uganda (Group)

Art Workshops / Residencies

13th Apr - 26th May 2004 Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus, Keppel Villa, Schwandorf, Bavaria, Germany
3rd Mar 2004 Group Workshop With Orphans at Aidchild, Masaka, Uganda
4th Aug - 13th Sep 2003 East African Residency (Kuona Trust), Nairobi, Kenya
25th Dec 2003 Workshop with Rehabilitated Former Street Children (Cornerstone Development), Design Agenda Gallery and Café, Kampala, Uganda
2003 Group (Index Mashariki) Art Workshop, Zinnunula Omunaku Centre, Kyebando, Kampala, Uganda
2002 Uganda Debt Network Anti-Corruption Mural, Kayabwe (Equator), Uganda and Uganda Martyrs' University, Nkozi, Mpigi District, Uganda
2001 Workshops with Ngoma International Workshops, Makerere University and Dehezi International, Kampala, Uganda
2000 "Image Word Image" Workshop, Uganda German Cultural Centre, Kampala, Uganda


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Address: C/o Tulifanya Gallery, P.O. Box 926, Kampala, Uganda