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Avocado Vinaigrette
half avocado filled with tomatoes & onions cubes in French dressing

Garlic Bread
toasted French bread with garlic and butter

garlic bread sprinkled with cubed tomatoes, onions and olives

Soup of the day
please see the board or ask your waiter


Crocodile Salad
our very own salad crispy lettuce, cheese, ham, hard boiled eggs and marinated potatoes

Steamed al Dente
mixed steamed vegetables served with olive oil

Our smoked fish platter
a selection of smoked fish on a bed of crispy lettuce

Market Salad
what did our chef find on the market today

Ham and Avocado Salad
avocado slices with ham

Chicken Salad
steamed chicken strips tossed with bacon and chunks of pineapples in a mild curry sauce

Tricolore Salad
the classical; tomatoes, mozarella and avocado slices topped with our exotic vinaigrette

Cold Pork roast in mint dressing

Mixed Gouda Salad

Spinach & Bacon Salad
With croutons and nuts


All sandwiches are served on French bread unless otherwise mentioned

Crocodile Delight
roast beef, cheese, sliced eggs, tomatoes onion, cucumber and lettuce

Avocado & Smoked Nile Perch
Avocado, smoked Nile perch, lettuce, tomatoes and onions

Ham, cheese, onions, pineapple slices on toasted bread

Chicken and Bacon
Slices of chicken and bacon with tomatoes and lettuce

Ham and Cheese
Ham, cheese, onions, and tomatoes

The Crocodile Steak sandwich
Sensational pan-fried beef cubes with onions chillies and cheese on toasted bread

Bacon, lettuce and tomatoes with cheese

Vegetable sandwich
an array of fresh market vegetable with French dressing

Croque Madame
open toast with ham, melted cheese and fried egg

Croque Monsieur
Open toast with ham and melted cheese

Club BLT
beacon, lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, sliced eggs and mayonnaise on toasted sliced bread

Roast beef
Roast beef with home made gherkins


All our chicken dishes are served with your choice of potatoes, salad or vegetables

Chicken al Limone
marinated chicken breasts served with creamy lemon sauce

Chicken kebab
seasoned pieces of chicken fillet skewered with vegetables and served with a home made salsa, garlic sauce and rice

Chicken pancake
Pancake filled with chicken strips and mushrooms with melted cheese served with salad

Strip the chicken
Chicken strips in spinach sauce served with vegetables and rice

Chicken fritti with garlic sauce
small thin chicken strips dipped in bread crumbs served with garlic sauce and rice


All steaks are served with chips or roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables or salads

Crocodile's famous beef fillet steaks with the following sauces
Pepper sauce
mushroom sauce
garlic butter

Steak Bordelaise
Steak prepared with marinated onions and wine sauce

Steak Diane
Tender pieces of beef tenderloin topped with white wine, tomatoes, mushroom and green pepper sauce

Chilli con Carne
Spicy ground beef in a tomato sauce served with rice and beans

Beef pancake
Pancake filled with minced beef topped with cheese and guacamole, served with a salad

Juicy hamburger set on a sesame seed bun, topped with melted cheese and served with chips and salad

Beef kebabs
served with barbecue sauce, rice and salad

Hungarian Goulash
Spicy beef stew served with rice

Crocodile Roast
Cold slices of roast beef served with marinated potatoes and mixed salad


All our pork dishes are served with your choice of potatoes, salad or vegetables

Pork fillet
medallions of pork fillet pan-fried and served with potatoes or rice with mushrooms or mustard sauce

Pork chops
Pan-fried pork chops marinated in an barbeque sauce served with vegetables and today's potatoes

All our fish dishes are served with your choice of potatoes, salad or vegetables

Tilapia Meuniere
Pan-fried seasoned tilapia prepared with a light butter sauce

Stuffed Tilapia
Tilapia fillet stuffed with smoked fish topped with a creamy saffron sauce

Tilapia Moutarde
Tilapia fillet served with a mustard and parsley sauce

Steamed tilapia with spinach sauce


The Crocodile symphony
Crunchy lettuce with smoked tilapia, Nile perch and crayfish served with a sauce

Avocado Crayfish
served with cocktail sauce

Crayfish Armoricaine
Crayfish with a spicy tomato cream sauce and a drop of whisky

Stuffed tilapia a la crayfish
Tilapia wrapped around crayfish served with safron sauce

Crayfish pancake with salad


Italian Pasta
Linguini served with a creamy mushroom sauce

Pasta Carbonara
Linguini topped with a creamy egg and bacon sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti with tomato and minced beef sauce

Spaghetti Napolitano
Spaghetti with a savoury tomato and basil sauce

Pasta al pesto


Vegetarian Dish of the day
Please ask your waiter or check the board

Vegetarian Kebab
Fried skewers of assorted vegetables served with rice

Vegetable Pancake
assorted pan-fried vegetables topped with melted cheese

Cabbage rolls
Cabbage leaves stuffed with boiled rice and mixed vegetables


Chicken Nuggets
Breaded pieces of boneless chicken served with French fries and salad

Mini Burger
Small beef burger served with French fries and salad

Fish Fingers
Breaded pieces of boneless fish served with a dip of French fries and salad


Crocodile home-made cake of the day
Please ask your waiter or check the board

Ice Cream (3 scoops)
Please ask your waiter for available flavours (Hot chocolate sauce available)

Banana split
Vanilla ice cream, banana slices topped with chocolate sauce

Crepe Suzette
Pancake flambé with Grand Marnier and served with vanilla ice cream

Mikando Pancake
Pancake served with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce

Phil's choice
Banana flambé served with ice cream

Ask your waiter for available flavours

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