”The Heart of Kampala“

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Old Taxi Park Kampala


With over 4000 minibuses pouring in at intervals, thousands of commuters and petty traders trying to scratch a living, Kampala Taxi Park gyrates with the rhythm of a typical African city. Yet in the midst of what looks like perfect chaos, travellers and drivers still manage to find their way round.








'The Heart of Kampala' lays out the atmosphere of this amazingly busy spot, from the crack of dawn to deep in the night. The taxi touts shout their voices hoarse to guide passengers to particular destinations. Human traffic and goods squeeze through the tight corridors that evolve from a complexity of taxis lined parallel to each other, waiting to be loaded. Water and mobile ice cream vendors make their biggest buck in the heat of the day.


Passengers find their way at Old Taxi Park Kampala







Matatu (mini bus) driver at Old Taxi Park Kampala


When schools and offices close in the evening, the park experiences it's biggest rush hour. A second set of  petty traders take advantage of the masses rushing home to substitute their incomes. At 10 o'clock, business begins to slow down. But not until two in the morning will the park close down completely, nonetheless, for a three hour pause.








“The Heart of Kampala”
was shot on Mini-DV in 16:9

Direction: Winnie Gamisha und Andreas Frowein
Camera: Andreas Frowein
Sound: David Kimera
Tezran Productions Ltd. + Andreas Frowein Film

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