Youth Café Mbale

The Café is the main part of the youth centre to generate income. The Café will be open for everyone; this will give us the chance to exchange ideas with others and strengthen the awareness of the Youth Café. Some Youth will get the chance to generate some income here, and the other earnings will be used for activities in the center. Some small food and drinks will be available soon as well as nice games! We will have good music every day!

Office and Resource Center

The Office will be used for counselling, bookkeeping and small meetings. Step by step we will build up a library and resource center; we would like to provide the Mbale Youth with as much information as possible. We will try to get book donations from some people, whereby a good PR work could help us a lot. Daily newspapers or some magazines should be there for information of the Youth.

A video system with a TV could be the initial attraction to bring Youth in to watch education videos or also movies just for leisure time. With a small entrance fee we could finance this events.

Games and Sports

The sports activities should be outdoor- and indoor games. Sports activities could also bring some income for the Youth Café. We try our best to get donations for the following games:

Outdoor games: Indoor games:
Football Chess
Volleyball Monopoly
Basketball Ludo (game of dice)
Darts Scrabble
Table tennis Mweso

Dart and Table tennis could be played in the recreation hall. For the other ball games we can use the big sports ground around the Youth Café. Sport activities and competitions should be organized to mobilise and organize the Youth. You are most welcome!

Computer and Internet

If you do not want to be behind the times you definitely need computer knowledge in the year 2001!

Computer Training could be one opportunity for the Youth Café. Members could train each other and help each other to improve their computer knowledge.

Computers are necessary for writing reports, accountabilities and creating PR Material. We are grateful to get a computer donation from Germany via PCY. We are still trying to get a printer. For small secretarial jobs, proposals, reports and PR Material a printer is important for the Youth Café.

Vision: Last but not least…

Is this enough in the year 2002? It would be profitable to have an Internet connection in the Youth Café. Then we would have the possibilities to send e-mails and use the Internet. For publicity via Internet we have got this free Web page from Mr. Hans Jörg Schnieder.

Youth have to look over borders to get new ideas and to be creative. Learning from each other, being up to date and connected to youth of other countries in the world is our vision. Well-educated young people should be the future of the country, and also young people who are not rich should have access to new systems. This idea could be followed up with the Youth Café Mbale, if there is any possibility of financial support.

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