Nearly 80% of Ugandaís population are young people below 30. They form the biggest productive group in the country, but they also have the biggest social economic problems. The Youth have no meeting point in Mbale where they can share information and experiences, have discussions and can also enjoy their leisure time.

The district offered the former local council building. It has three rooms, a store, a big recreation hall and a very big compound.

The official handover of the building was confirmed at the 21st of February by an official letter of Mbale District Local Government, Mr. Wopuwa G.W.(Chief Administrative Officer Mbale). Furthermore the district offered us the maximum of cooperation and support. Thanks a lot!

The Mbale Youth Café will be supported by the PCY Project (Promotion of Children and Youth), a cooperation project among the MGLSD (Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, the GTZ (German Technical Cooperation) and the DED (German Development Service).

The renovation started at the 25th of February and many youth have offered their hands!

Planning Team

Mr. Khawukha Giddeon, Ms. Kituyi Florence, Mr. Kutosi James, Mr. Masokoyi Wasswa, Ms. Mutonyi Sarah, Mr. Mututa James, Mr. Nangosya Makai Stephen, Ms. Nordmann Kerstin, Ms. Wanzusi Frida, Mr. Watalatsu Sam


To organize and empower Youth with skills for sustainable social-economic development.


To establish a Youth Café for sharing ideas, experiences and information among the Youth in order to tap each otherís strengths.

To build up personal and social skills of young people to improve their confidence and competence.

To bring together young people of different walks of life to participate in various activities, volunteers work and decision making.


It will be a long way to develop a sustainable, self-managed and self-financed Youth Café. We will commit ourselves as much as possible with time input and volunteers work. Our visions might be high, but we are aware that we have to start small. A very important fact is the interest and commitment of the district as well as the good working relationship with the District Youth Officer. We will do our best to lead this pilot project into success. We will work participatory and gender sensitive to create a peaceful atmosphere were young people can involve themselves in the planning and decision making process. Young people are the future of our country. Therefore young people should become responsible members of the community. Through sharing knowledge and experiences in the Youth Café and giving access to information young people can learn how to deal with participatory and democratic structures and will be able to create their own visions.